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Plumbing - Hydrants. Plumbing - Sinks. Plumbing - Toilets.Fire Alarm and Access Control in one. And Fire alarm,Access Control, and camera systems in one. From inserting devices faster, to help maintain proper coverage, and tables to do your battery calculations and voltage drops in all while keeping everyone one of your drawings familiar. We do not have a metric conversion at this time. We have a user area for purchased file downloads. These are tools that I find useful and fast and accurate.

From measurement during layout and design phase to quick block insertion to speed up the fire alarm design process. Primary design element is AutoCad but have also gone back and made modifications to the design tools to make them compatible with the other brands of CAD. I have been offered like most of the other design tools on the web to sell my product pre-bundled in one of the off brands of CAD. I have been approached by all but one company. I approached them in my earlier phase and did not like what they were offering.

I've decided to keep my design tools separate and available for everyone and at an affordable cost. I know that most bosses will not take the time to learn what these tools do, therefore they will not see the use in them.

So my price is to target the average guy who designs for fire alarm companies. Keeps the price at a fraction of the others and allows users to use the tools on which ever platform they already have and are most comfortable with. If you would like any extra effort showing you how to use my tools that goes beyond the "readme" form that is bundled with the template, you will have to contact through one of the follow up emails after purchasing a template.

There will be a cost for any services I provide from that point forward. The "readme" file tells what commands to use for what function.

Any tools I make that I find are too cumbersome or too slow and not as efficient as my other tools, I have bundled in the link below and those are for free. Maybe I can influence people to clean up their designs. Freebies and other Fire Alarm Design Work from us.

Toggle Navigation. Home Fire Alarm Measurement tools Store.Out of date floor plans or none at all? Not a problem. Our team of designers can update your plans, gather the details required to draw the plans or even draw them from scratch. We can accept floor plan details in almost every format. We will then create a set of proof plans for you to check and will only proceed to creating the final version to send you once these have been approved.

Our aim is to make the design of your Fire Plans as simple as possible for you. Send us your floor plan drawings and mark-ups to info originalcad. We will then give you a fixed price quotation to enable you to order. We draw the plan and send you a PDF to mark up with any changes.

You then email the marked up drawing back to us.

Fire Extinguisher free AutoCAD drawings

We also offer a printing and encapsulation service. Your Fire Plans can be printed in high quality silk full colour with matt encapsulation and posted to you. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us your plans now. Tel: or email info originalcad. Part of the UK Acceptance Certificate for your building.

A Fire Zone Plan should be located next to your Fire Alarm Panel and displays Fire Alarm detection zones as hatched areas overlaid on building floor plans. For staff, residents and visitors within your buildings to know the safest way to exit in the event of an emergency. These plans are normally designed in accordance with the Fire Strategy for each building and displayed in prominent locations.

They display evacuation procedures, routes to assembly points and location of firefighting equipment. These fire plans are typically used by Fire Risk Assessors to develop a professional fire strategy for a building, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring the safety of the occupants.Fire - Design and analyze fire sprinkler systems.

S-Pipe - Design and analyze domestic supply water piping systems. D-Pipe - Design and analyze drainage water piping systems. The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as an engineer. Our Fire Protection CAD Details package can help broaden the foundation from which you assemble your design drawings, and give you the edge that will set you apart from your competitors. Fire Protection Details are the most complete set of CAD fire protection details available on the market today.


Unlike other CAD packages which have only details, Fire Protection Details includes standardized schedules, notes and symbols.

Therefore, with this set of details, the fire protection engineer has a strong foundation from which to assemble his design drawings. These ready-to-use fire protection CAD details are an excellent addition to your CAD drawings library and will save you many hours in drawing time. Fire Protection Details are not intended to be the sole source of information relied upon for the design of fire sprinkler systems, but an aid. In preparing design drawings, the engineer's judgment and experience should be the basis on which all decisions are made.

Horizontal split-case fire pump installation with water supply under a positive head. If you have questions about this CAD Details package feel free to call us for more information. Orders: Tech Support: Fire Protection CAD Details Building a Stronger Foundation The consistent quality of your details sheets, job after job, can speak volumes about who you are as an engineer. Features Includes dwg files of details, schedules, notes and symbols.

The most complete set of CAD fire protection details on the market. Fully editable dwg files. Overview Fire Protection Details are the most complete set of CAD fire protection details available on the market today.

Section 1. Section 4.

How to draw piping isometrics in Autocad (Autocad tutorial)

Fire department connection to a dry-pipe sprinkler system having a single riser. Alternate fire department connections to systems having two or more risers.

Dry sprinkler system - typical attic and upper floor head relocation. Typical sprinkler relocation for temporary protection of open ceiling construction period. Multipurpose piping system schematic - acceptable arrangement with valve supervision. Arrangements of branch lines supplying sprinklers above, in between, and below ceilings. Piping connection detail for each automatic pressure switch for fire pump and jockey pump.That's why we'll happily give you your money back on any software license from FireAcad Inc.

Annual Renewal Fee Included. First Unit. Shipping Included. Annual Renewal Fee Required. Have you ever thought of how to check interference without manually drawing the same sprinkler layout you have already done using a third party software? Well, the time has come! This only works if you are running FireAcad. The process are as follows:. Fire protection software provides many commands to complete the sprinkler drawing. The fire sprinkler software can produce a tree, loop, grid, and slope sprinkler systems.

fire cad drawing

Also, it can extract information from the sprinkler drawing for the hydraulic calculation and material listing automatically. Fire protection software does everything automatically which saves time and meets the current edition of the NFPA Code!

If you are a designer that are looking for fire protection software, you are looking at the right company for your needs. FireAcad is the best in the fire protection business for many decades.

The fire protection software has the best technical support! We are knowledgeable professionals that know sprinkler inside out and are able to help clients in lots of ways. This is why the fire sprinkler software is the best in the market. If your're not satisfied, we're not satisfied That's why we'll happily give you your money back on any software license from FireAcad Inc.

Read More. FireAcad 3D. Revit Conversion Complete. Free Trial. Contact Us! Most Popular!Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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Skip to content. Includes, and pre-assembled. File Size: Please click here to request a paper copy. Features a twist-lock handle. Designed for operating valves from top-mount operators panel. Dimensional Drawing. Dimensional Drawing - XD. Dimensional Drawing - Chief XD. Dimensional Drawing - XD Playpipe. Product: XD Playpipe Version: 2. Dimensional Drawing - XD Shutoffs.

Parts Drawing. Parts Drawing - B Ball Shut-offs. Parts Drawing - Chief. Parts Drawing - XD Playpipe. Parts Drawing - XD Shutoffs. Parts Drawing - A. Foam Eductor - Portable Parts Drawing - In-Line.Stay connected anywhere in the world with Iridium GO.

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fire cad drawing

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