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mercedes sprinter def problems

Thread starter RatDog Start date Sep 19, First Prev 5 of 9 Go to page. Here's an article I posted on linked in on Apr 24th this year To be fair we actually had a couple of them reach themile mark without too many problems however, 2 out of the total number is not exactly stacking the odds in anyones favor.

If you haven't had any problems with your post model yet, just give it a little more time. Please understand that these vehicles are used in a commercial trucking application with annual average mileages exceedingmiles, and that I am not an automotive or diesel expert. The majority, but not all of the problems occurring with these vehicles occurred after the initialmiles.

It is my belief that the problems I have experienced, will occur with a vast majority of every Sprinter as the mileage of each vehicle approachesmiles. Only 3 vehicles have reachedmiles without serious charges for maintenance. Over the past 7 years I have owned a total of 47 Sprinters. I own an expedited trucking company and keep detailed maintenance and repair records on every vehicle.

These records are available to Mercedes Benz if desired. This article is being written to warn potential buyers of this vehicle of the fatal flaw hidden in each of these vehicles. Prior towhen the United States Government mandated diesel exhaust regulations, the Sprinter, manufactured by Mercedes Benz and sold as a Dodge was a real workhorse.DEF issues.

Just a "heads up! The check engine light comes on and the "10 starts left" count-down begins. Of course, within 80 miles the problem returned and they replaced the two NOX sensors. So far, so good. I am guilty of using DEF left stored in opened but sealed bottles. Re: DEF issues. I believe the original problem was the NOX sensors to start with, and there was never any "out of spec" def involved. I would be having some very serious discussions with them about incorrect diagnosis, and having to come back for same problem incorrectly diagnosed.

No one would ever accept warranty denial for using approved engine oil by a non-mb supplier, so why should you be accepting this??? Originally Posted by Rob S. Originally Posted by pfflyer. You definitely could be right that the NOX sensors were the actual problem. Last edited by gregowski; at PM.

Reason: speeling. Find More Posts by gregowski. Originally Posted by gregowski. Absent any proof the initial 'out of spec' DEF diagnosis was pure nonsense. You should demand a refund.

Last edited by smiller; at PM. Here's one that's actually affordable. The "32" may refer to the component ratio?

Mercedes W906 Sprinter 6Cy AdBlue Bypass Module

The Part Number is A 01 Benz Tech. Sprinter common repairs. On the ''09 model years this is part of the catalytic converter assembly. There usually is no warning ahead of time, as the pipe breaks all at once. Your Sprinter's DPF or diesel particulate filter captures soot from the exhaust so you do not see black smoke puffing out of the exhaust as older diesels do.

During regeneration the engine computer causes the engine exhaust in the DPF to reach a very high temperature of around 1,F which incinerates the soot. If incorrect engine oil is used, ash will build up inside the DPF and cannot be burned out. If ash content is too high, the only option is to replace the DPF. This causes the soot content to rise to a point that even if the original problem that kept it from doing a regeneration is fixed, it will not regenerate on it's own.

This problem can affect all model years of Sprinters except ones with 4 cylinder engines. Sprinter vans as with all newer diesels have to adhere to strict new EPA emissions guidelines for diesels.

Many of these systems cause the turbocharger to be switched off when there is a problem-causing the Sprinter to loose much of it's power.

Even though limp mode always turns off the turbo, most of the time it is not directly related to it. This is why it is imperative that you bring your Sprinter van to us to have it properly diagnosed.

This does not cause start count down or running problems in warm weather, but in colder climates in the Winter it will allow DEF to freeze. This will lead to an active start countdown being initiated. Sprinter oil cooler leaks are common on the present models with the OM V6 engine.

The oil cooler seals are where most of the engine oil leaks affecting Sprinters come from.

Continuous DEF Problems with Sprinters

Mercedes has updated the seals to much better material made from Viton which increases their life. Because of it's difficult to reach location, the oil cooler is an expensive repair. Also, sometimes the stubborn plugs will break off in cylinder head. This allows the combustion gasses to leak by over time. The earlier this issue gets taken car of the better! Many times the injector must be ruined in order to remove from cylinder head. Pricing varies as it is dependent on the situation.

At one point, it just doesn't make sense to repair the engine any longer.A tractor trailer at the side of the road ideally means that the driver has pulled over for a well-earned nap. Of course it could also mean a breakdown. One troubling scenario to have is having the DEF light come on.

This affects truck drivers more than it does drivers of passenger vehicles.

mercedes sprinter def problems

DEF is, essentially, a mixture that is added to the vehicle's engine to reduce environmental harm by combining with the diesel gas. The DEF light glows when it is time to add fluid, and as to whether it is safe to drive with the light on, yes, it is.

If you do, you could be in trouble. If your DEF drops below 2. If you decide to ignore it, at the point where you run out of DEF, the light will glow solid red. It gets worse. The DEF warning light can also indicate contaminated fuel. The effect will be the same. This type of contamination most often occurs when someone accidentally puts diesel fuel in the DEF tank. Most often, loss of DEF fluid is due to driver error.

Drivers sometimes forget to check the DEF fluid when they check their fuel levels. This not only results in a loss of power, it can also damage the DEF system itself.

The repairs can be very costly, and of course can result in unwanted downtime for the driver.

mercedes sprinter def problems

The solution, obviously, is proactive maintenance. Ignoring the DEF light is never a good idea, so if it comes on, the driver should pull over and have their DEF refilled immediately. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Recharge Diesel Emissions Fluid. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair.

Schedule Recharge Diesel Emissions Fluid. Service Area. Average rating from 6 customers who received a Recharge Diesel Emissions Fluid. Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details.

Related Articles. Related Questions. What does the ECO indicator mean? The ECO indicator is located on your instrument panel.

This light illuminates when the ECO system has been turned on. The lower anchors are located on each side of the rear outboard seats, where the seat cushion Brake lights work intermittently If you had the dealer fix something and paid for the repairs, then I would take it back to them to have them fix it right.

The lights coming on may be problems with a loose electrical connection, or a Recent Recharge Diesel Emissions Fluid reviews. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4. Number of Reviews 6.Mercedes-Benz dealership tells me that these engines are "bulletproof" And, that, the diesel Sprinter engine is literally in a class by itself apart from other Mercedes Benz vehicles Since owning the van for a little more than 3 months and 3, miles, it has not used any oil consumption at all or nothing is registered on the actual dipstick or on the computerized reading on the dashboard Robust torque and engine response Do you agree?

Michael answered 2 years ago. I've been around Mercedes for a quite some time now and with regular maintenance and care the car should last youmiles without a single problem. They really are great engines and I'd rely on Mercedes in terms of safety and reliability in comparison to the other cars that are in the Van segment.

Markw answered 2 years ago. Michael, thank you very much I appreciate your answer You know, Mercedes Benz has had more experience than anyone else with respect to diesel engines A lot of other companies have come and gone and failed miserably Mercedes Benz diesel engines have stood the test of time For this reason, I'm marking your answer as "best answer" I don't know the Mercedes Diesels but modern diesels have particulate filters that periodically burn off due to the engine management system dumping a lot of extra fuel into the engine.

Watch your oil level - if it is going up you have a problem which can destroy your engine. Today's diesels are not the bullet proof diesels of yesterday. Emissions systems are making them a lot less reliable. Well, interesting answer You know a lot of posts I've found online saysmiles up tomiles is achievable with proper maintenance Oh, I'm getting rid of the trailer YES, emissions controls It's MUCH better than the 60s I am not going to debate emissions with you Mark.

It is a fact that for other diesels, emission systems have introduced a minefield of very expensive problems for owners.Mercedes has made some important changes that I need to cover. I really need to rewrite the whole article. This article is about the Mercedes-Benz BlueTec diesel. It was originally written to help my local customers better understand their BlueTec diesels. After 50 years with Mercedes-Benz I retired in This article is strictly my opinion.

On the other hand Sprinters hold their value very well. Those owners are anxious to stay on top of the proper maintenance. I hear the same stories over and over. I can substantiate everything in the article with technical documents. BlueTec diesels are way more complicated than even most diesel mechanics realize. This is by no means a complete synopsis of all the BlueTec issues.

Buying a Used Sprinter Van – Top Ten Problems to Look Out For

There are to many side issues based on a dozen other factors. If you want more detailed information or help with the maintenance for your specific situation, my contact information is at the end of the article. Oil is just one piece of the puzzle. There is no one oil that works for every situation. Mercedes has made the oil question needlessly confusing. Most owners are paying for repairs that could have been done for much less or avoided all together.

Mercedes has published information about virtually every problem and the correct solution. A few years later they introduced the OM 4 cylinder BlueTec diesel. BlueTec refers to the type of diesel emission system. Other than the DEF, they operate the same way. Every BlueTec Diesel engine starts its life with engine oil that was designed for a gas engine.If you have any experience with this either way, please share. The owner's manual says if the light comes on, refill and the system will reset itself.

Dealership says keep it full. What's your opinion??? Depends on your driving habits, if going on a long trip in nice clothes then top it off before hand so you do not need to worry about while on the trip. Should be able to make it miles or so. If your pulling a travel trailer then check more often and keep some on-hand to top off, and the top off mentioned means just that its top off fluid so top it off instead of waiting till its empty.

So check for yourself if possible. There is 3 safeguards in place most times first amber light on then it blinks then red light on dash stays on and engine is limited to low power until refilled. Markw answered 2 years ago. Actually, I drove about 3, miles and the light came on. I expected that this would be easy.

They reset it and of course charged me for the service When I purchased the Sprinter someone told me I could easily go 4, miles or more. Mercedes Benz dealership said don't let the light come on and keep it full I'm going with the dealerships advice from now on. My frustration is that the owners manual says one thing while the dealership says something Thats what I say most say add when first light comes on but I have heard of the system errors and topping off is best.

These were designed to not mal-function of course, but sometimes have to be reset by the dealership and this is my take on it, if it may mal-function if the light comes on then keep it full. Called Mercedes Benz and they said bring it in before it gets to zero, otherwise, it will have to be towed Didn't want that